What is YouTube Video Management?

YouTube video management is a combination of services we offer for content creators where we help them run and maintain their YouTube channels.

This includes:

Uploading and Editing
We take the video you have shot and put it together for you, taking all the hard parts out of creating YouTube content and leaving you with the best bits! We then upload that video to your channel on your behalf using our high- end enterprise level internet in our office in MediaCityUK.

Data Analysis & Growth
Metrics such as likes, views and subscribers are key to growth on the YouTube platform. However, to the untrained eye it can sometimes be hard to understand what all this data means. Getting more subscribers.

Content research & planning
We look at what is in demand in your niche and report this information back to you. If keeping organised for shoots is an issue we can help you plan your schedule as well.

Finding sponsors for videos
Our company founder Stephen has several years of experience as a film producer in the film industry. Part of the role of a producer is raising finance by gathering brand deals to go towards a films budget. Stephen is now bringing that experience to a new generation of content creators.

Over 250 Million Hours of Youtube is Watched Daily!

Who have we worked with?

Charlotte Snowball

We also work with Charlotte as a social media influencer. She runs the brand The Mindful Drifter which focuses all on living mindfully, travel and lifestyle To learn more about her take a look at our influencer page.


Hosted by Stuart Fieldhouse, Screenbrew is all about pop culture and media, covering a wide variety of topics such as game reviews and video essays on movies and more. If you’re wondering if that film is worth watching, Screenbrew will tell you!

The Ben Lize Show

Brain Leader Company, an app development company, approached us to develop content based around their founder Ben Lize. We produced ‘The Ben Lize Show’ which is hosted by Ben as he gives feedback on other companies apps and websites.

Youtube Has Over 2 Billion Active Users Each Month!

Breaking down the lingo

YouTube Creator Studio
The platform created by YouTube to help content creators manage their video content.

Join Button
Located next to the subscribe button, the join button allows a creator’s community to pay a monthly fee to the channel for added benefits.

A livestream is a live broadcast over the internet. YouTube allows creators to livestream directly through the YouTube platform and has great benefits like a live chat full of other viewers interacting with the streamer.

YouTube Premium
This is YouTube’s premium video subscription service. Usually videos on YouTube are supported by advertisements. In the case of Premium it is funded through a monthly subscription which allows you to view all your content ad free! There are also other benefits like downloading your videos for offline play.

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