Optimised for both Desktop and Mobile

In order to succeed on the world wide web, it is essential that your website has to work on any and all platforms. It means your website has to be optimised for mobile as well as the desktop. Mobile website design is especially important as mobile and tablet searches account for around 60% of total web traffic.

The way we create websites is using something called Responsive Web Design. What does this mean? This means is that both the mobile and desktop versions of your website are the same website, it simply reacts differently to whatever device you are currently using. It will scale down to phone size when using mobile, and scale up when using a desktop. There are many advantages of developing websites this way which means you get a better experience!

At Spread Like Wildfire Media we only design websites with both web and mobile in mind. If your current website is not mobile-friendly, then it is time to contact us. Please see below for what it is you get with a SLWF Media designed website.

Over 70% of your users will be using a mobile device!

Optimised for Conversions

Why is it you want a new website? What do you want to achieve by having one?
Whether your answer is more shares on social media, more generated revenue or something else, these key questions impact how your website is designed.

Your website needs to reflect your companies’ goals. Our team consists of both website designers and digital marketing professionals who will go through with you all the options and put you on the right track for having an awesome website.

A website that looks stunning is fantastic, however to go along with that you need to be aware that it won’t convert customers in itself. Without a strong message the consumer will simply go elsewhere with their wallets. We only build websites that are optimised for conversions.

57% Of People Will Refuse to Recommend a Business With a Poorly Designed Website

Optimised for People

In 2019 simply put, consumers want things done right and they want things done fast. In the age of smartphones and instant satisfaction, people get bored, if they don’t like something they will go somewhere else. Web consumers demand that websites be simple yet effective, responsive and memorable.

Simplicity ensures your visitors can easily find their way around. In web design less is more. A strong website means the consumer can instantly know how to navigate the page and hook them in within those vital first few seconds, making them come back for more time and time again.

Responsiveness. Laggy servers, too high resolution images, a poorly created website. All of these things can impact responsiveness. By coming to Spread Like Wildfire Media we shall implement everything correctly so you don’t have to worry about if things work or not. Rest assured, if we have done it for you, it shall be responsive.

Memorable, much like a product or a service a website needs a USP (a unique selling point). Why would a potential client come to you when there are plenty of other businesses out there ready to take their money? If you don’t have an answer, odds are you don’t have a USP. We aim to take the stress away from designing and running your website.

For simple, practical web design fill in the contact form below and one of our team members will be in touch to discuss how we can help you create a functional and beautiful looking website.

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