What is a 360 degree virtual reality tour?

360 degree video and virtual reality video allow viewers to interact with and experience the content they are consuming, instead of just passively experiencing it through a more traditional style of video. Both 360 and VR are shot using cameras that record in 360 degrees, meaning the cameras can see everything around them in every direction. The main difference between them is whether or not the viewer wears a headset. If you are wearing a headset, you are in VR. If you are looking at the tour on another device, it’s a 360 degree tour.

360 degree tours were first popularised by Google back in 2007 when it launched Google Street View. Now the technology has advanced to the point where 360 degree cameras are accessible to the masses.

We’ve partnered with Digi-Maps to bring our clients the latest and greatest 3D, 360 and VR tours in this space. Digi-Maps offering in the 360 degree tour industry is second to none. Offering unrivalled customisation from tailor-made icons to adding your own white label branding to the tour.

Did you know?

Google has stated that companies with a 360 or VR tour listing gain over 50% more views in their search engine than businesses without. If you want to talk to us about our search engine optimisation services, please click here

Who is a virtual reality tour for?

People can see your space more true to life than they do in regular photos! A virtual reality tour is for any business with a physical location. Examples that we find work great include:

The Hospitality Industry
Hotels, Air Bnb’s, bars and restaurants. All can benefit from having a 360 tour. Potential clients can see what a room looks like they are hiring for the night, that the kitchen looks clean. A 360 tour provides social proof for your customers. Restaurants could use a tour to have a client book a table directly through the tour for example.

Store owners can show visitors the layout of their space and choose products to feature in their 3D tour. Shoppers at malls or large department stores can use it to find the individual shop or section of the store they want.

Housing and real estate (Both for sale and rental)
Having a 360 degree tour of your house, very much like a hotel/AirBnB tour, allows the client to see what it is they are getting. To get a feel for the space without having to spend time out of their day travelling to see it. It’s more time efficient for all parties for you to have a 360 tour of your properties. This works for both residential and commercial real estate. You can even use it to show prospects what a building that’s still under construction will look like when it’s finished, and help them imagine themselves in the space.

Improve Brand Trust By Showing Your Premises Before Customers Come to You

How does a 360 tour work?

We come to your location and depending on your needs we build a specialised tour for you. If it’s beneficial for your tour to have an aerial view, then we will bring a drone pilot along for example. We then shoot specialist 360 camera, panoramas, and a virtual reality tour to bring your space alive.

Breaking down the lingo

360 –

360 is in reference to the three hundred and sixty degrees field of view the camera has, it can “see” in all directions.

Aerial photography

Aerial photography means taking photographs from an aircraft, in our case we use drones.

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