What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is defined as using an established figure online with a large following to promote your products. They create customer dialogue and bring trust to their fanbase by providing social value for their fanbase. There are many stages to a successful influencer campaign such as:

Ads on Facebook are a great tool in your marketing toolbox. We handle both the creative and data side of Facebook marketing. What this means is that we handle the copywriting, photos, videos and anything else on the visual side you need for a Facebook campaign. As well as this, we handle the day to day tasks of keeping your campaigns running such as data analysis and online community management.

70% of Teens Trust Influencers More than Traditional Celebrities

The Identifying/Research stage

Finding an influencer takes time, especially if your products/services are in a niche with a smaller pool of people in it.

Even though there is a lot of good to come from influencer marketing, there are some things to keep aware of. There are things to look out for, such as:

Paid followers – It’s easy to spot someone who has just bought all of their followers. They can have hundreds of thousands of followers, but if 20 people like their photos it’s pretty easy to tell when their followers are bought. Some people try hard to keep up the illusion of an online following but all it is fake.

Engagement groups – This is a group chat containing people, sometimes containing hundreds of people who just post the links to their pages and get likes and comments from those people in exchange for you liking their pages. One way you can notice this is if all the same people are commenting generic statements on the photos.

The Promotional/Marketing stage

Once you have found the right influencer for your product/service, it’s time to begin a dialogue with your influencer to create the best content that is considered “on brand” both for your company and the influencer. Both parties need to have a say as if its too dissimilar to the influencers regular content then the fanbase won’t like it. If the marketing is too different to yours the fanbase might not recognise your brand in the conversion stage.

The Engaging/Supporting stage

Once things have been posted the next and final stage is to support the influencer by helping engage with their fanbase. The fan’s may have questions that the influencer doesn’t know how to answer “How does X work?”, “What happens if I want a refund?” etc.

The ROI and marketing value of using influencers is ridiculously high when done correctly. Influencers are “the next big thing” in digital marketing right now, but as the way consumers consume content online changes, influencers will play a vital role in your online digital marketing campaigns.

49% of Consumers Depend on Influencer Recommendations

Who are Influencers?

The term Influencer includes a wide variety of people with a large following online and on social media. Alongside showcasing their own content, they are paid to promote your products and services to their audience. There are Influencers in every possible niche. If you can think of it, there is someone out there promoting it. Fashion models on Instagram, a business blogger on LinkedIn. There are so many people out there with thousands, sometimes millions of followers, who know how to leverage their audience to convert into paying customers.

Finding the right Influencer for you

Even though there is a lot of good to come from influencer marketing, there are some things to keep aware of. Using us allows you to filter through the influencers that are not a right fit for your marketing campaigns.

Who do we work with?

We work with many influencers across a wide variety of niches. We have a large database of influencers but here are just some of the ones we work with:

Charlotte Snowball – Blogger/Vlogger/Model

Charlotte runs the brand The Mindful Drifter which focuses all on living mindfully, travel and lifestyle. She has worked with many brands and businesses across a wide variety of niches including hotels all over the world and several hair and beauty products. One of these beauty product sponsorships, you can view at the video below. Contact us about working with Charlotte today!

View Charlotte on Social Media


Anna Rusin – Hair, Makeup and Beauty Influencer

Anna is a Polish influencer, which is great if you wanted to expand your brand influence into non-english speaking markets too. She is based in Bristol and is also a professional makeup artist. She’s worked with several brands including Luba, Mindn Beauty and Yeouth Skin Care.

Leanne Holder – Fitness/Health Blogger and Model

Fitness enthusiast, business woman and blogger is how Leanne would describe herself. She has worked on marketing campaigns with Rimmel, Nakd and many more. As well as being an influencer, Leanne works in the film & tv industry as an actress


49% of Consumers Depend on Influencer Recommendations