What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click advertising (also known as PPC) is a system for producing instant leads through advertising on the internet. Usually PPC is talked about within the context of advertising on search engines like Google but can include other platforms too. It’s a way of buying clicks to your website, rather than someone searching for your site organically. One of the great benefits of PPC Advertising is that it’s pay as you go. If you are really busy and are struggling to keep up, you can just turn it off. When you are all caught up, turn it back on again and reap the rewards.

As the name would suggest, pay per click is a paid advertising process, so you want to get as much bang for your buck as possible. With us you can! We use the power of PPC to make search engines work for your business and dramatically improve the number of clients coming to you for your products and services. We use Google AdWords as it is the best return on your advertising budget. For our social media advertising services please click here for Facebook and here for Twitter.

According to Google, Ads Convert 50% More Than Other Traffic

What Spread Like Wildfire Media offers for PPC Advertising

We manage your whole AdWords campaign. We take the headache from advertising away so we can leave you to what you do best. We do this by starting with delivering to you a report containing a list of the best keywords to use.

Once your keyword phrase report has been analysed, we decide together on the best keywords and phrases that make the most sense for your business’ brand. This is a very personalised service, each client has different needs. We then implement an effective strategy to drive customers to your site which will result in more traffic, leads and ultimately sales. We work with you to define the right goals for your campaign to succeed within your budget.

We provide a high-end, PPC management service for our clients. We handle every part of the process from choosing the most useful search phrases, to ensure that your ads are given the best chance to convert into clicks.

When you’re paying for advertising, you want it to deliver results while also being cost-effective. When you work with SLWF Media, we ensure your campaigns are appropriately managed to achieve this. Trying different strategies and constantly tweaking your PPC campaigns to find the most optimal ads for you.

Effective PPC advertising relies upon refinement and data management to work correctly. PPC is a craft, every client is different and can take time to get right

86% of Consumers Use the Internet to Find a Local Business

What else can be done to ensure my website generates sales?

When teamed with our local and national SEO services, our PPC advertising works perfectly to deliver qualified leads for your business. PPC is the perfect compliment to SEO, and social media marketing and it is essential if you want to attract targeted leads.The most common choice is Google AdWords, but there are other options such as Facebook and Twitter.

Let us here at Spread Like Wildfire Media look after driving more clients to your business through pay per click advertising, contact us now for a no-obligation chat with one of our friendly PPC specialists, and to book your free AdWords report.

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