What is Facebook Marketing?

Marketing on Facebook simply means to use Facebook as an advertising platform. You may be thinking “Facebook is a social media platform where I connect with friends, how can I use that to advertise”. This line of thinking is exactly the reason why Facebook is one of the most effective advertising platforms on the internet. Did you know more than two billion people use Facebook every month?

Ads on Facebook are a great tool in your marketing toolbox. We handle both the creative and data side of Facebook marketing. What this means is that we handle the copywriting, photos, videos and anything else on the visual side you need for a Facebook campaign. As well as this, we handle the day to day tasks of keeping your campaigns running such as data analysis and online community management.

There are more than 42 million Facebook users in the UK.

The power of Facebook Marketing

Facebook has become one of the most powerful marketing platforms on the planet. Due to size, data, creativity and scalability there has never been a time like it when you can place adverts in-front of the most relevant audiences.

Part of the reason Facebook is so effective is due to all the platforms it owns. Such as Facebook,Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network.

Facebook Adds Over 500,000 New Users to the Site Every Day.

Breaking down the lingo

Facebook Pixel – This is a small piece of code you inject into your website and through it you are able to track who clicks on your ads and retarget those individuals directly on Facebook.

Retargeting – Once someone has clicked on your ad, Facebook takes a note of this. If this person doesn’t convert into a customer for you the first time, we can then retarget this person as we know they at least have some interest in your product or service. This person will then be shown another ad. A large percentage of conversions come from retargeting.

A/B testing – There can be a lot of trial and error in finding the right audience for your ads. A/B testing allows two seperate ads to be sent out, each one to half your chosen audience. This allows us to analyse two sets of data to see what works best and create the best ad possible.

Facebook Ads Manager – This is the platform that Facebook has built to manage adverts on its social media platforms. This is where we make and push out your ads.

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