What is Written Content?

Written content in the context of digital marketing is anything from a blog to social media content. You need to use the right words to make your audience feel emotionally engaged with your product or service and get them to convert into a paying client.

Engaging Content Grabs Readers Attention from the Off

Breaking down the lingo

Blog / Blogger / Blogging – A blog is a written form of content hosted on the internet. Most blogs usually have a dedicated subject but not always. One good example of this is personal blogs. A personal blog is like an online public diary where someone shares their thoughts and feelings on any subject. A Blogger is the person who writes the blog. Blogging is the act of writing a blog.

Content Strategy – A content strategy in the context of a blog is planning what type of content you plan to write, who you intend for it to reach, how consistently you plan to release content and your goals for growth both in terms of monthly readers and conversions.

SEO – SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of getting traffic from organic search results on search engines such as Google or Bing. But what are “organic search results”? This simply means the results that show up in search engines without companies paying for advertising space in the search rankings. This is known as PPC or Pay Per Click which you can learn more about on our PPC page here. It’s important for written content on the web to be optimised for search engines. Why? Because nobody will find your content and content being posted on a regular basis actually helps your websites overall rankings.

RSS / RSS Feed – An old school solution that stands the test of time. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication“. First developed way back in 1997 (which in internet time was pretty much a lifetime ago). RSS feeds makes it possible for all your content to come to you in one place. Instead of you going out to look for it through multiple sources which takes time and effort.

Your Content Separates You from Your Competition & Builds Trust

Why you need it

Every time one of your customers receives some form of written content you are interacting with them. If this is scaled to a consistent stream of content that is a lot of interactions. Every interaction increases the chances of a conversion.

You can’t stand out from the crowd just by writing interesting content anymore. To be distinct, your written content needs to be informative, shareable, and contain sources for the information you have used. We will produce thought provoking, authoritative writing that is onbrand for your business. A piece of writing can have all the bells and whistles, but if it doesn’t feel like content created by your business and fails to be pushed up the ranks on Google, then it will never convert viewers of your content into paying customers.

How we do it

We sit down with you to discuss how we can implement our high quality, informative written content into your web presence strategy. There are many types of written content we can provide such as:

Blog Writing for personal use
Copywriting for the web
Copywriting with SEO in mind
Copywriting for advertising, slogans and other business needs

And many more! It’s up to you with our guidance how much or how little content you need. We provide a custom solution for all of our clients.

We’d love to talk more. Use the contact form to get in touch with us to discuss what your needs are.

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