Facebook Messenger for Business

Facebook Messenger is the most powerful communication app of all time. With over one billion monthly active users, not only is your audience is on the platform, they use it every single day.

Facebook has developed a versatile suite of tools to allow any business to tap into their target market and advertise through Messenger. One of these tools is Messenger Bots.

Chat with your customers 24/7 via social media

What are Messenger Bots?

Messenger Bots provide automated responses to anyone who interacts with your brand’s Facebook pages through messenger.

The open rates are astronomical. Email is on average around 18%. Open rates on Messenger can be as high as 98%! This is where your customer’s attention is.

How can I use Chatbots in my business?

The possibilities for Messenger Chatbots are endless. A content creator can push out their content once it goes live to thousands of people! A brand that relies heavily on customer support can use a Messenger Bot to create a “messenger tree” similar to how a phone tree works. Some more examples include:

Customised ecommerce marketing which includes things like custom coupons related to the customers purchase history.

Fun interactions with your followers such as quizzes to create brand loyalty within your user group.

Guide customers through the buying experience using data to recommend products that they are more likely to buy.

Improve conversions by helping customers when they most need it whilst saving time and resources.

Recover abandoned carts by sending messages to remind the customer that it is there, multiple alerts can be set up to further incentivise the customer with discount codes and coupons.

Offer 24-hour customer support, Improve conversions by helping customers at all times of the day whilst saving time and resources.
Remember, a bot doesn’t need sleep or lunch breaks!

Taking payments directly through your bot

Reaching Consumers to Promote Your Goods and Services

Breaking down the lingo

Marketing Automation – Marketing automation is all about using software to automate marketing activities. Nobody needs to be there at a desk waiting for someone to message. It can be used to automate repetitive tasks that nobody wants to do such as emailing newsletters, uploading to social media and even ad campaigns. Not only is there a higher level of efficiency, but Marketing Automation can also provide a more personalized experience for your customers.

Facebook Messenger Marketing – Using digital marketing through Facebook Messenger to get access to your userbase on that platform.

ManyChat – The Messenger Bot platform that we use to create our bots. The ManyChat platform has over one million businesses using its platform to leverage Facebook Messenger with over five hundred million subscribers in total interacting with those bots.

ManyChat Agency Partner – A Chatbot agency who is partnered with ManyChat.

MobileMonkey – This is a different Messenger Chatbot service to ManyChat. Its unique selling point is its ease of use templates for first time users. For something more personalised we recommend going for a custom-made solution that we can provide.

Chatfuel – Like MobileMonkey, Chatfuel is another “code free” solution to Messenger Chatbots.

Automate the social media arm of your business and become more approachable

Why you need it

The numbers speak for themselves that this is an amazing means of communicating and generating revenue from your audience.

How we do it

We talk to you about any current digital marketing efforts and if there are any, we will discuss how Chatbots can be implemented into your current digital marketing strategy. If you don’t then we will conceptualise a plan for you and will implement it once we get your go ahead.

By combining our Messenger Chatbots with our knowledge of Facebook and Instagram ads, we have a formula for success to generate fresh leads and enquiries for your business.

Reaching Consumers to Promote Your Goods and Services