Who Are Spread Like Wildfire Media?

Stephen Bergin – Founder and Company Director:

Stephen Bergin is the founder of Spread Like Wildfire Media. He is responsible for creating social media campaigns and networking with clients to create the best social media marketing campaigns possible. He also directs any video work for our clients such as corporate videos or video advertisements.

Jordan Harris – Head of Post-Production:

Jordan Harris is the Head of Post-Production at Spread Like Wildfire Films & Media. He joined the company after being involved with the editing and colour grading of our first original short film ‘One Small Step: A Short Film on Agoraphobia’.

He is responsible for cutting together the video components of projects for our clients.

Onur Aksinoglu – London Sales Agent & Digital Marketer:
Onur is our London based operative tasked with bringing in new clients in the London area. He has a wide range of marketing knowledge and also works in the film industry. Onur is also a film director and collaborates with Spread Like Wildfire Films on projects for the film industry.

Simon Clark – Chief Plate Spinner:

Simon is our Head of Sales & Business Development, affectionately titled our ‘Chief Plate Spinner’. He has a history of transforming businesses such as the beer company Grolsch. Simon helps our business develop and grow.

Simon Robb – Chief Financial Officer:

Simon’s background is in Corporate and International Banking, and he worked in this sector for over 25 years. A key expertise was helping clients raise funding to help grow their business. Simon is an essential asset for us in SLWF Media.

Thevin Kumar – Cinematographer/Colourist:

Thevin is responsible for shooting and colour grading all of our corporate video as well as our own projects such as our upcoming feature film ‘Anne Droid’.
Thevin is from Malaysia and has a wealth of knowledge in world cinema that gives him a eye for colour, creativity and beauty not found in western cinematographers.