Downtime in the Christmas period

Digital Marketing is a strange one during Christmas, it is simultaneously the busiest and most quietest time of the year. Why is this you may ask? There are several factors to this, most of which are outside of our control. Today, let’s delve into the reasons why.

The Busy Stuff

There is obviously one huge reason as to why this time of year is so busy. Christmas. Brands are doing everything to push out their products in time to be under the Christmas tree. This means advertising. Whilst the big names shot their Christmas adverts in advance, the smaller unknown brands are only now looking for a fast turnaround video. We should know, we just did one!

On the digital marketing front, businesses want to know that things are firing on all cylinders. Is this in place? How is that doing? All common questions we receive from managers at companies who are clearly over encumbered with things to do.

In summary, there is lots to be done as there are lots of clients wanting things to be done.

The Quiet Stuff

As a service based business, we rely on other companies. Thus we are at the mercy of how the world of business operates. Aside from retail, the business world all but goes away a few weeks into December. Christmas parties are going on every day for businesses but as different businesses operate on different timetables there is sometimes multiple days in a row you can’t get a hold of anyone due to planning, after the parties people are hungover, the kids are doing the nativity play so people need to duck out. Chaos.

This rings true until the first few days of the new year. The first few days after new year people are once again nursing hangovers. And then all is right in the world.

In Summary

Its a tricky time of year to be in the Digital Marketing industry. But most importantly its all good. Its a time of year to reflect and realise not everything should be about the rat race. Go home, have some mulled wine, give your mum a hug. That’s what it is all about.

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