Why I started a Digital Marketing company

Digital Marketing is hard work.

For those of you who don’t know, my name is Stephen, but I usually go by Ste. I am the founder of Spread Like Wildfire Media. This is the first blog post of our newly relaunched website and I have to say I love every aspect of it. My hard-working web development team has put many long hours into the relaunch, and I have to say I think they have been successful.

SLWF Media is a digital marketing company that deals in most aspects of marketing on the internet. Video, Facebook ads, you name it we do it. There is a lot going on in this company but the origins of SLWF Media actually predate my first company Spread Like Wildfire Films.

It was September 2015 and I had just moved to Farnham, Surrey to join the BA. Hons Acting & Performance course at the University for the Creative Arts. My course was brand new and as you could imagine they were still ironing out the kinks. One such kink was the fact the course has no online infrastructure. So, I decided to do something about it. I created a Facebook page where I was the moderator, looking after posting updates about assignments, casting calls from the film students etc. This was my first foray into online community management.

Over the next three years I honed my skills in community management, design and online advertising and I also picked up some clients along the way! As mentioned previously I also run a film production company, Spread Like Wildfire Films. Shortly after founding that company I decided that I should develop that brand and create a second company for digital marketing, the skill I spent hours developing without any realisation I was going to do anything with it. And thus, Spread Like Wildfire Media was born.

The name comes from the idea that the video content I was going to create would be shared in the digital space rapidly, spreading like wildfire. The shareability aspect lends itself to a digital marketing company name quite nicely too! There is also a nice overlap and synergy in having an entity that can create video content and another one that can push out the content the other makes.

Since then I’ve been growing as a marketer and learning more and more about this everchanging landscape. I’ve also added to the SLWF team with a video editor, colour grader, cinematographer, website developers, sales and more!

If you like what you hear make sure to stick around for more!

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